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A Family Finally Receives the Keys to their New Home after Tornado Destruction in 2017

PETAL, MISS. – Destruction and shock are two words that describe how the Walker family felt after an EF-3 tornado blew their home down in January 2017. However, in just five short weeks that home is finally back up and standing tall once again.

“Thank y’all so much,” James Walker, the homeowner said with tears falling from his face. “We’ve been fighting for three years, just to get our stuff back together, at one point, we were homeless and everything.”

Nearly three long hard years of being homeless and helpless, until the Walkers met with an R3SM case manager named Robin Moffett. “When they first came in, it was almost as if… it was a situation we may or may not have been able to see through,” Moffett stated. However, after using all of their resources the non-profit organization (R3SM) found a way, and Thursday morning, the Walkers received the keys to their refurbished home. Volunteers and R3SM representatives cheered with excitement as they handed over the house keys to the Walkers. “It’s all new,” Eddie Kawa, a volunteer working with R3SM said. “They are going to be able to walk in and by the grace of God have a place they can call home.” Kawa and other members of the Orland Park Christian Reformed Church (from Orland, Ill.) traveled a distance of nearly 2,000 miles to help the Walkers rebuild their home in less than five weeks. “We thank God for that and we thank God for them,” Walker said. “They’ve done so much.” James Walker’s wife, Brenda Walker followed her husband’s comments with a few short words. “I don’t how to explain it,” Brenda said. “It’s just wonderful.” The Walkers mentioned they look forward to enjoying their new home with their 19 grandchildren and hope they will create many everlasting memories inside of it.



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