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Swan Song: "Let the games begin"

Let the games begin. No, it's not the beginning of the Olympic games which is celebrated every four years -- but rather the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, which some politicians have been working toward for almost four years.

Whatever happens now, it has been a long road for the American people to get to this point and the millions of dollars it has cost taxpayers. And don’t kid yourself. Whoever wins, both sides will claim victory.

One side has already said President Trump has been impeached for life. The other side, should it choose not to remove him, will say he did nothing wrong. It’s the worst case of partisan politics I’ve ever seen.

The House has already stated not only is President Trump on trial but the Senate as well.

For all indications there will be no winner take all. A final knockout blow may have to be delivered by the American people in November.



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