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Swan Song: What's the hold-up?

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I took my daughter to get her driver's license a couple of weeks ago. We arrived when it opened at 8 a.m.

The line had already formed outside. We got in, took a number, and sat down waiting for the other 30 or so people in front of us to take care of their business. Our number was called about 11:30.

Now, this was at a satellite facility I assume was set up to help ease overcrowding. My daughter finally got her license but that’s a story for another day.

If you read social media, the criticism of DMV offices is off the charts. During our visit, the workers were nice enough -- just overwhelmed.

Well, the Legislature has a chance to offer some relief -- except for one thing. House speaker Phillip Gunn doesn’t support the proposal.

There is a bill to move the DMV responsibility from the Department of Public Safety to the Secretary of State’s office -- leading to more locations, more manpower, etc. But Gunn doesn’t want to move it. So essentially it’s dead on arrival.

It’s a shame one person can control the outcome of a bill that on the surface could make folks’ lives a lot easier. Maybe he’s been watching too much TV about politics and is letting the power of the House Speaker go to his head -- if you know what I mean.



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