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PRCC launches "Wildcats Never Quit" campaign

(The following is a press release from Pearl River Community College.)

POPLARVILLE, Miss. —Pearl River Community College strives to be a constant, progressive and strong fixture in its community. With that in mind, Pearl River Community College is launching a new campaign: “Wildcats Never Quit.” “The marketing team at PRCC is exceptional,” Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communication Candace Harper said. “One thing they do is align their efforts to push forward the vision Dr. Breerwood (PRCC President Dr. Adam Breerwood) sets forth. President Breerwood expressed he wanted to encourage students to stay focused and motivated to not give up. “That is how the ‘Wildcats Never Quit’ mantra was established. It is a reflection of what our employees, students and community emulate everyday. We are here, we are staying safe and we will not quit moving forward.” WILDCATS NEVER QUIT In the midst of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed or lose sight of goals. The Wildcats Never Quit campaign was created to remind all Wildcats that through it all Pearl River will be here. PRCC will be continue to provide a quality education and support its students through whatever hardships may attempt to impede their education. “We have always taken great pride in providing a positive and energetic on-campus community,” Breerwood said. “I look forward to re-opening our campus to our faculty, staff and students in the future and the excitement that will bring. We have been proactive in our online learning initiatives over the past several years, so our transition has been smooth. However, we are a comprehensive institution that offers a wide variety of curriculums and experiences.

“This pandemic has limited our ability to engage our on-campus student population in a traditional format. I know it is a challenging time for many of our students as they seek some sense of normalcy in their daily lives.” From athletes and honors students to faculty and staff, to Wildcats of the past, present and future, Pearl River has been showing its strength through displays of perseverance. To coincide with the campaign, PRCC has launched a Wildcats Never Quit social media challenge. Anyone can participate — just film yourself staying active while social distancing; you can also depict how you’re working toward your degree from home or post inspirational and motivational videos to uplift your fellow wildcats. To submit your own Wildcats Never Quit video, simply email it to Remember to include "Wildcats Never Quit” in the subject. You can also tag any of Pearl River’s social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. SCHOLARSHIP DRAWING As part of the Wildcats Never Quit campaign, Pearl River is offering two non-refundable half-tuition scholarships to returning students who register in full-time hours for the summer or fall semester by April 24. Two students will be randomly chosen from those who meet the registration deadline. “We really want to encourage all returning students to register as soon as possible, certainly before the end of the semester,” Associate Vice President of Student Success Dr. Amy Townsend said. “Registering now is a ‘right of passage’ we extend to our returning student allowing them with the best choice of classes. “Your advisor is standing by eagerly waiting to assist you. Very soon our new incoming freshmen will begin creating schedules through ROAR, so now is the time to get registered. If students have questions, we are right here to assist.” ONWARD AND UPWARD As the college continues to move full steam ahead into the summer and fall semesters, nothing is slowing down. With two dorms being built, a new state of the art science building on the rise and improvements being made at every location The River has never been stronger. “We will return; we will have our campus ready to open when this passes and we will continue to provide our students opportunities to achieve their goals,” Breerwood said. “Whatever the obstacle, whatever the challenges, one thing is for sure Wildcats Never Quit.”



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