Swan Song: Recapping DNC, looking ahead to RNC

Normally, the excitement surrounding political party national conventions is incredible and infectious. No matter your political leanings, you come away with a feeling that your candidate is going to win. But there is a different feeling this political season.

I tried to watch the Democratic National Convention this week but found it more like an online classroom lecture than a pep rally. And even though next week’s Republic National Convention will have a couple of hundred delegates in attendance, I don’t expect much more out of it with the president expected to accept the nomination from The White House.

The reason -- a viral convention brought on by the virus. The parties are going to have a difficult time motivating their bases with taped messages and attacks. For instance, Michelle Obama kicked off the Democratic Convention this week praising Joe Biden but not mentioning Kamala Harris.

Why? She apparently taped it before Biden announced his V.P. choice. So much for spontaneity and supporting the ticket.

Here’s hoping both sides stop their personal attacks and concentrate on policy and their plans to move this country forward.

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