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Ida makes her mark in Jones Co.

The Jones County EOC tells FOX23 trees are down on and near the following roads -- some with additional hazards:

• Spur line Rd between Ira G Odum Rd and Hwy 29

• Choctaw Rd @ Pleasant Grove Rd

• 900 Block of Pittman Rd

• 300 Block of W 17th St Laurel

• Sumrall Rd @ Monroe Rd

• Hwy 533 @ Babe Knight Rd

• Watermill Rd @ Cecil Johnson Rd

• Monroe Rd @ Emmons Rd + roadway flooding

• 1700 Block of Eatonville Rd + power lines down

• 200 Block of Little Sawmill Rd + power lines down

• Hwy 29 just South of Ellisville City Limits

• Lower Myrick Rd @ Pine

• 2200 Block of Hwy 184

• Berry Rd near RV Lindley Rd

• 700 Block of Royal Street

• 100 Block of Pecan Grove Rd

• 400 Block of Morning Star Rd

• 100 Block of Springhill Rd + power lines down

• Service Rd @ Hines Rd

The Jones County EOC adds these areas are flooded:

• No trees, RV Lindley Rd @ Beason Water covering the Rd for an 1/8th mile

• No trees, 4000 Block of University Avenue Laurel –Just Power lines in roadway

• No trees, Trace Rd @ Reedy Creek – Limbs in roadway

• No trees, 5th Street Laurel near Walgreens – water over roadway

• No trees, 16th Ave Laurel @ Hardee’s Restaurant -water over roadway

• No trees, Jefferson Street @ Leontyne Price Blvd. Laurel – water over roadway

Officials add motorists should avoid any unnecessary travel. When seeing apparent flooding, turn around don't drown, officials add.




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