Forrest County authorities warn residents of sophisticated scam

FORREST COUNTY, Miss. - Forrest County authorities are warning residents of a sophisticate scam in Hattiesburg.

Authorities said that scam artists are calling residents saying they won a brand new car, but need to exchange important information to receive it.

But the 'Publishes Clearing House' sweepstakes scam is not what red flagged officials. The scam artists are now sending gifts, such as, flowers, balloons, and chocolates to victims to seem more realistic.

Forrest County Investigator Nick Calico said, "Once we talked with the local florists they were purchased from a prepaid credit card where its not traceable because of the type of card it is."

"This is the first time them (scam artists) actually providing victims with something" said Calico.

He said the number used to contact the victim was from an area code near New York. Calico added that most scams take place in bigger cities or out of the country.

Calico said they alerted Homeland Security, "Take the time, you call the company that is providing the sweeps stakes winning to you, to make sure that it is real."

If its too good to be true, it more than likely is, Calico said.

If you are receiving consistent phone calls asking for pertinent information, contact your local law enforcement.

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