Hattiesburg celebrates downtown annual Veterans day

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - The city of Hattiesburg celebrated its annual Veterans Day parade Friday.

The men and women who serve for the United States were honored in a special celebration.

The community lined up and down the sides of Hardy street to pay respect for those in uniform.

Students from Sacred Heart told FOX 23 news what Veterans Day means.

“We have to remember the ones that died and saved our country, because we would not be able to have our freedom today" said Karrington Commodore.

AJ Sneer said, “Veterans day means like celebrating the soldiers, and all that they do for our country, and our freedom and just celebrate get out here and have pride for our soldiers, because they have worked so hard for us.”

Jill Ellen Underwood said, “Celebrate all the people that have served us, and who have helped us stay here on United States safely.”

Following the parade, the Hattiesburg Veterans Committee hosted a 34th annual Veterans Day program at Veterans Memorial Park.

One veteran told FOX 23 that being in the military means more than just to serve. “I have a grandson, and I want him to know that somebody in his family, at one time or another sacrificed, or was willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice" said Phillip Weary.

An Active Serviceman Kevin Manalo said its a time to recognize the men and women who served before him.

“It’s personal because my dad, was in the navy for 20 plus years and then all the sacrifices we’ve moved around, and just being in that military community, just honoring those who gave us this right" said Manalo.

Commodore said she admires those who serve the country. “I think that its just brave and courageous and some people just don’t have the guts to do that" Commodore said.

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