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New Christian school raising money for underprivileged students

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - A new Christian school located on Lincoln Road is raising money to continue its mission in serving its underprivileged students.

United Christian Academy opened in August and is a Christ-centered school which currently teaches 9 students from grades 4 thru 9. Its curriculum is based under the home school umbrella.

School Principal Callison Richardson said, “They’ll go directly to the kids, these are kids that they do not have a lot, and they need more to be able to move forward in life and so."

She added, "Our school is able to provide them with making up with the gaps that they have in education, and they have made great gains in just the last three months, but also providing the personal development, and the nurturing that they really need to be able to move forward.”

School officials said they need the communities' support to raise $150,000 by July of 2017 to keep its center, education, and mission running.

To learn how you can donate you can click here.



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