Southern Miss' Fall 2016 Graduation Ceremony

HATTTIESBURG, Miss. - Many Southern Miss undergrads spent their day on campus Friday inside Reed Green Coliseum receiving their Bachelor Degree's, and officially starting the next chapter of their lives.

USM alum, Justin Curry said, "I still haven't taken any of it in. It's just a milestone that I've reached. And since I reached it, it's like at this point, I just got to keep going forward. I'm going to come back and work on my PhD."

"I'm feeling so great. This is actually my Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. So, it's been a long hard road. But, it is a very amazing feeling, and I'm looking forward to doing it in the real world," said USM alum, Brianna Worthy.

Although they have graduated, they will never forget the journey it took them to get here.

"Just keeping my head above water pretty much. The nursing degree, I wouldn't wish nursing school on my worst enemy. It's been very, very hard. But, very worth it," said Worthy.

"In high school, having that dream about just going to college and accomplishing so many goals man, it's just overwhelming," said Curry.

These individuals, along with their graduating classmates, will hope to make an impact in their community and the world.

There were nearly 1,1000 students who were degree candidates for this Fall 2016 semester.

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