USM students using new safety device

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Southern Miss students have returned back to campus for their Spring semester, and some of them are using a new technology device.

This device is a small alarm that can help prevent crime from happening.

Campus Police believe this is a potential asset in student safety.

Captain of USM Police, Rusty Keyes said, "Any course of technology advances every year and we take advantage of that here at the university. We encourage our students to take advantage of that if they feel it will increase their safety. But, majority of being safe on campus is using common sense and using good techniques that make you feel safe, like walking with friends, walking in well-lit areas, letting people know where you are all the time so they know where you're going from point A to point B."

Keyes said the police department conducts risk management talks with students and training sessions with faculty staff members to help ensure student safety.



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