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Military veterans helping Pine Belt communities, 'It is completely destroyed' veteran says

PINE BELT, Miss. - A group of Military Veterans are in the Pine Belt assisting families and the community rebuild after the E-F3 tornado.

“Houses that have been completely blown apart, it is completely destroyed, it is heartbreaking to do that, it helps us think that we need to come in and do something to help" said Military Veteran Kurt Kronberg.

Team Rubicon's Lloyd Weema a Deputy Incident Commander said, “We’re here to help with the tornado relief efforts, and so we are out on the field, we are helping demolish some homes right now with heavy equipment.”

The organization serves as an immediate response team every time there are natural disasters. Members deploy across borders and oceans to help serve hard hit areas.

“If the local, community has requested us to come in and help, we will come in and do some of the same responses" said Weema.

Since the day of tornado they helped clear roads, cut trees, cover roofs with tarps, and properly destroy properties.

The men and women proudly served the United States, now they are proudly service humanity.

“We’re people that have dedicated our lives to service and when we see our neighbors in need, we are not the type to walk away, so we give our help wherever we need to" said Kronberg.



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