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Petal High School students learning on the job training with Hattiesburg Zoo

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Students in the Inclusion class with Petal High School rolled up their sleeves and gained on the job training with the Hattiesburg Zoo.

Petal teachers and Zoo officials with the Safari Grill said its beneficial for the students to learn communication skills and work ethics.

“We are teaching career preparation skills, helping them plan for careers they want to have when they are out of high school" said Petal Teacher Robbie Cellars.

She continued, "We take them to different place around the community to show them different jobs." Safari Grill Chef Eoin Redmund added, "It gives them another opportunity to see what they may want do one day, finish school, and get a job down the line, but it's great they have a fantastic attitude.”

The school said they want to expose its students to real world applications. “Most of it is for exposure, when you’re in high school you have no idea what you want to do past high school" said Leanna Swafford with Petal School District's Department of Voational Rehab.

Swafford added, "We try to go different places, some to look just check it out, you know we might never work there, but we might want to learn.”



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