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Hattiesburg VFW assisting Team Rubicon with disaster relief

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - The Hattiesburg Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) assisted Team Rubicon with tornado relief efforts.

VFW member, Louis George said its VFW's mission to continue to help their community.

“It’s not just veterans, it is our community, this community is our community, and we really need to get in and support it and support these teams that come in and help us" said George.

The Hattiesburg VFW donated around $1,500 to support Team Rubicon, a disaster response team made up of mainly veterans.

Team Rubicon's Jimmy Lovett said, “We make a commitment to come to a place that is extra special, it is a morale booster for the crews, it helps up get up and do what we do everyday.”

Since the E-F3 twister's landing, VFW has also donated food, water, and time to Team Rubicon.

George said, “It is great to have teams like this, not only for veterans, out here, but for the community, that is what we are all about, community involvement, and a team of veterans makes it even stronger.”

Hattiesburg VFW said they will continue to support their neighborhood, and especially organizations where the military is involved.



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