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Bellevue community shy of 50 signatures to combat Hattiesburg strip annexation

BELLEVUE, Miss. - The Bellevue community is almost there, but not quite. It is shy of a handful of signatures from becoming an official city that will help combat Hattiesburg's filed linear annexation.

The proposed Mayor of Bellevue, John Adcock said it needs about 50 more signatures to file with chancery court.

“The farther this is going along and the more and more momentum it had built, more and more people have seen the need for this" said Adcock.

He continued, "We have had a very vigorous conversation in our community for the last year and half and what the right path for it is, people have seen that Bellevue is the way to go.”

If approved in chancery court the petition will stop Hattiesburg from taking Bellevue's revenue and commercial sales tax.

"As this area has grown it is more and more important that we have, more services that we have zoning and those type of things" said Adcock.

He added, "The people who live out here, want the ability to have the say so of what that looks like and moving forward, it really is about self-governance and you know that is what Bellevue is all about.”

Adcock said he feels confident he will file the petition in the next coming weeks.

To learn more about the petition you can call (601) 310-­5494.



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