LPD graduates 100+ kids in DARE program

LAUREL, Miss. - 183 Laurel Middle School 6th graders participated in Laurel Police Department's DARE program.

The kids graduated Thursday with flying colors.

Laurel Police Officer, Sgt. Shannon Caraway said, "We have to tell them, we have to inform them the harmful effects of alcohol and tobacco. We need to tell them at a young age because they're being exposed by social media all the time about different ways to even make certain drugs. So, the earlier we can come in and tell them how to resist it and how to make better choices, I think is beneficial."

The kids had a great time completing the 10-week course.

Student, Jeremy Porter said, "It was fun. We learned all the things about drugs and what it'll do to you."

"Officer Caraway, she'll have fun back with us. We're learning all the stuff, new stuff," said student, Jeremiah Forte.

"I learned that drugs are not good for you and that if you smoke them, you can go to jail for some years," said student, Jorden Jones.

Kids also learned that not all cops are bad.

Jones said “when I'm around them, I feel safe and I know that no one is going to be able to harm me. I really appreciate them coming to our school doing stuff like we're doing today."

"That lets me know that I'm actually doing a good job. Because, I take an officer's perspective, I take a leadership role, I take a perspective of a parent. So, when I come in and teach, I'm trying to teach what is it that I want my child to know about alcohol and tobacco. So, that's what I bring in here also," said Caraway.

Various kids were rewarded with numerous prizes for their hard work in DARE.



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