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'District at Midtown' developer reveals stores to open, multi-million dollar project

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - The multi-million development of 'District at Midtown' is underway. Hattiesburg Developer Rob Tatum reveals the types of businesses and stores that will open Spring of 2018.

After the University of Southern Mississippi sold the land with certain restrictions, developers had a grand idea that would make Hattiesburg a more attractive city.

The new area will include restaurants, lofts, retail stores, and the boutique Indigo hotel that will include a bar. Tatum said, “We have 7 restaurants, as well as women’s clothing stores, we have some health food places. We do have some local people that will be coming into the center."

Tatum said the lofts are already pre-designed, "We have 14 lofts, for students, game day condos, there will be apartments for lease, we see the end user being someone that works at the hospital, someone who has a job in the area. Granite counter-tops, stainless steel appliances, and wood flooring.”

When developers purchased the land from USM one of requirements was to build the hotel in close proximity with the school. Tatum said guests of the Indigo hotel can expect a one-of-a-kind experience.

“Our hotel will be based off of Pine trees and trains which is kind of the history of Hattiesburg." He continued, "There will be a lot of lumber and sitting area, kind of like a train car."

"Every picture of the rooms will be based off trees and trains with a little bit of USM mixed-in" said Tatum.

The goal is to create a new, vibrant, mix-used community in the heart of Hattiesburg that residents can enjoy and walk around.

Tatum said people will see a variety of restaurants that will include: pizza, Mediterranean food, chicken salad, and a new breakfast spot.

“People can stay in the hotel and walk around to eat, students at USM, can walk-over, trying to offer multi-things at one stop, so you can park your car, and shop and grab something for lunch" Tatum said.

He continued, "You can grab a drink at the hotel at night, just trying to provide something that Hattiesburg doesn’t have at the moment."

The Midtown project is about 55,000 square foot, Tatum said if you're tired of walking around, guests can sit down too with their four-legged friends.

“We will have a park where people can hangout, hear different bands, farmer market types of events, just draw different people out here and create a great experience...oh definitely dog friendly" Tatum said.



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