JCJC celebrates Black History

ELLISVILLE, Miss. - Jones County Junior College had its annual Black History Celebration Tuesday.

This year, the junior college invited Rosalyn Howard, Mississippi Nurses Foundation executive director to be the keynote speaker of the event.

The theme this year is "Write Your Own History."

Howard said, "we're going to talk about courage. We're going to talk about commitment and being a part of making change in our country. Impact them by inspiring them to share their story, share the story of our past, and see how some of the things correlate together. And, see how they can make a difference. It's not our goal to make their history our past history. But, ask them to create their own history. Even if you don't know what the outcome will be, take the risk. If you're confident, it will make a change or a difference in someone's life or in someone's world. You never know what change you can be impacting."

The Mississippi Nurses Foundation is a non-profit organization that enhances programs of the Mississippi Nursing Association through nursing scholarships, fundraising, grants, and more.



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