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Ellisville Mayor Waldrup not seeking re-election, looks forward to retirement

ELLISVILLE, Miss. - Ellisville Mayor Tim Waldrup will not seek a 5th term. Waldrup told FOX 23 news he is ready for retirement.

Its been a long 16 years for the 77-year-old Mayor, he comically said, "Well everyone needs to leave before dementia sets in, and you never know when that is, but it is just time to do that.”

Since 2001 Mayor Waldrup said he's been trying to make a positive impact for the city.

“We have had a lot of ups and downs, mostly ups" said Mayor Waldrup. He added, "We have about $16 million in grants and funds, that we have help the city with, most of it was underground for the city in infrastructure."

"That is always where the need is, in infrastructure.” One of his notable times in office is helping to bring businesses in Ellisville to strengthen the economic development.

Under Mayor Waldrup Ellisville gained a 27% population between 2001 -2010, which at that time, was the 3rd fastest growing city in Mississippi.

“Our population has grown and the best part of that is in Mississippi most small cities were dying and Ellisville is growing and we are proud to be a part of that.”

Since 1970 Ellisville has been the home for Mayor Waldrup, although he is planning his retirement he said he will continue to put the people of Ellisville first.

He said, “Fresh blood is always good after a certain length of time, and I think it is time for fresh blood to come in, look at things differently than I look at, and do things differently than I’ve done."

"To move forward you got to have change, and this is a good time for that happen, and I think change is going to be positive for this town, whoever the mayor is in this town, I think that everyone will back them" he said.

Waldrup said he is looking forward to retirement and plans to travel with his wife and tend to his land.



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