Local healthcare officials meet to discuss the future of Affordable Care Act

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Various healthcare organizations met Friday at the Lake Terrace Convention Center to discuss the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Mississippi Health Advocacy Program (MHAP) Executive Director Roy Mitchell said its important that healthcare providers understand the changes,“The idea is salient, policy information to the people who are doing out the work as much possible.”

One major concern of meeting organizers have is the confusion surrounding the status of the ACA. Many consumers may be under the impression that the law has already been repealed or that repeal is definite. However, ACA is still in effect.

Community Catalyst Project Manager Amanda Ptashkin said, “Right now in D.C. there are lot of conversations happening, that impact the everyday lives of citizens."

She added, "Talking about what is happening with Open Enrollment, what is going to happen moving forward with repeal and repair or repeal and replace efforts is essentially really critical to talk about right now.”

Members of Congress and the New Administration are currently discussing proposals that could change the structure of Medicaid and Affordable Healthcare.

Mitchell said, "A lump sum for Mississippi rather than the arrangement we do now have, with the Federal government, whereby everybody, is eligible is guaranteed eligibility and services."

He said officials are talking about a "block grant". "Under a block grant approach, the state would get a lump sum, and in times of economic hardship for the state or natural disasters the state would be free to cut eligibility and services" said Mitchell.

Residents should anticipate some type of change and be readily prepared according to officials.

“Keep themselves educated on what is happening in DC they can reach out to local advocacy groups like MHAP and reach out to their legislatures they have a voice and they should be heard" said Ptashkin.

To learn more about the ACA and the future of Mississippi Healthcare you can click here.



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