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St. Thomas Aquinas announces 2017 grand marshal and royalty

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church named the 2017 Irish-Italian Festival's grand marshal and royal Friday.

State Representative and Hattiesburg Mayoral candidate, Toby Barker is named this year's grand marshal.

Hattiesburg Attorney Ike Farris was named King and Adina Green, a Southern Miss employee, was named this year's Colleen.

“Statewide it has become one of the most iconic St. Patrick’s Irish-Italian events that we see, and so to be part of it, is something special" said Barker.

He added, "The folks here at St. Thomas do such incredible work in our community for so many causes, and so looking forward to next Saturday.”

Both Farris and Green said they were honored to be a part of the event and named this year's royalty.

Farris said, “Well I think it is an honor for the people that you go to church with and that you have been working with in this festival for 16 years and then the choose you to be the King of the festival, it is pretty nice.”

“I am quite honored to be this year’s Colleen. I have been a member of this church for 20 plus years, and just feel very grateful and honored to have been selected" said Green.

The event will take place Saturday, March 18 on 4th street.



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