Sumrall firefighters killed, 1 injured, bond set at $100k for suspect

SUMRALL, Miss. - The Sumrall community is mourning the death of 2 firefighters after a hit-and-run incident Wednesday night on Highway 589 and Oloh Road.

The three firefighters were directing traffic when they were hit.

Officials arrested Brandon Eaton, 31, of Sumrall 6 miles away from the accident.

Lamar county Sheriff Danny Rigel said, “He pulled up into a person’s yard, and the person called 911, and said there is someone out in my yard, and his car is messed up."

Rigel continued, "He said he thinks he may have gotten into a wreck and hit some people." Sheriff Rigel said they arrested Eaton, confiscated his vehicle, and obtained a search warrant for his blood.

"He appeared impaired" said Rigel. Lamar Co. Coroner Cody Creel identified the two suspects as Alvin Beasley, 81, and Loretta Sykes, 53.

Sumrall Fire Chief George Stevens said, "It’s really tough both of these firefighters were loved and respected by the people in the community.”

Eaton appeared in front of Judge Charles Greer Thursday morning. Judge Greer said Eaton is considered a danger to the community and set his bond at $100,000 in cash.

According to Sumrall Police Chief Chris Dungan, the third firefighter is identified as Shaun Huhn. Chief Dungan said Huhn has broken ribs and is facing non-life threatening injuries.

"My heart goes out to the firefighters, it’s a brother hood, just like how law enforcement is a brother hood" said Sheriff Rigel.

Officials said the case is still under investigation.



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