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The registration deadline for USM's Center for Gifted Studies summer programs is approaching

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Southern Miss' Center for Gifted Studies is gearing up for its annual summer leadership and gifted studies programs.

The center will have several courses available for kids who are in grades pre-k through10th.

The deadline to register is approaching and the center wants to make sure that kids are learning and having a good time in the summer.

Interim director, Dr. Suzanne McKee-Waddell said, "I think for our students, they live in a locale and they're in school all year long with a certain group of peers and a certain group of teachers. And, so, we have different topics. And of course the lovely thing about it is you can come and you can be with a different group of peers, build friendships, see people that may be more like you than you are around in your existing setting. And, also, you get the university experience."

Waddell said the deadline for majority of the summer courses is April 28.

If you are interested in registering, click here for more information.



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