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Hattiesburg teenager raises art supplies for local schools

HATTIESBURG, MS. - Since 2016 a Hattiesburg teenager has helped local schools with their art programs.

Cade Slaughter, 18, is a recent graduate of Sacred Heart and has always had an eye for art.

“Some of my fondest memories with art have been spent in an art classroom.” Slaughter hopes to share his joy of art with kids in local schools who run out of art supplies quickly.

Slaughter said, “When I found out that local schools did not have a lot of art supplies like the way I had, I just started collecting art supplies."

Cade said art programs do not get the same financial attention compared to other classroom subjects.

“I started talking to some local teachers who are friends, family friends, and I found out that once they run out of art supplies, a lot of times they have to purchase art supplies out of their own pocket" said Slaughter.

He decided to start donation drop off sites and partner with art organizations to help teachers and schools.

“Of course art provides an outlet, an imagination for so many kids" Slaughter said.

"But a lot of studies have shown when kids, are exposed to an environment with art supplies, and with arts education, their test scores later on in life when it comes to taking the ACT or SAT are going to be higher because they had exposure to the arts.”

In just one year Slaughter has raised $2,000 and over 10,000 art supplies for teachers and students.

FOX 23 asked Slaughter what he wants students to take away when they see the extra art supplies?

“Just the opportunity to have fun really" said Slaughter.

"That is all you can ask a child just to have fun with the arts supplies, just to let their imagination take it where it will.”

Slaughter will attend Ole Miss in the Fall and hopes to connect with school officials and art leaders to continue to raise art supplies for Mississippi students.

He plans on minoring in Art.



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