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Laurel resident helping local Boy Scouts for over 30 years

LAUREL, MS. - A Laurel resident Alonzo Crosby, 65, has helped the local Boy Scouts for 33 years as an Adult Scout Leader.

At the age of 12 Crosby joined the scouting organization is Laurel. In 1967 he earned his Eagle Scout Rank. “For me scouting is the best thing since sliced bread" said Crosby.

He said the organization changed his life and is important to the lives of young men. He said, “For me it ties, family, church, school altogether.”

At the age of 35 he wanted to give back to the community and became a certified adult leader.

Crosby said, “It gives that young man a sense of pride, teaches them core values, you know skills that you can learn later in life, and you know it kind of makes learning fun.”

He started the Cub Scout Pack and Boy Scout Troop at the Second Allen A.M.E church in Laurel. Crosby received the Pine Burr Award in 1989. It is the highest volunteer award a person can receive from their district.

“Well that means that I know that those young people will survive and be successful and be a contributor to the community" Crosby said. He teaches the scouts outdoor activities.

“They get to learn things like how to use camping tools for the older boys, how to use a compass, how to shoot bows and arrows.” According to Crosby a lot of the scouts come from single parent households.

He added, “When it comes to kids I think we should find some time to work with them and that’s the way I feel about it.”

It is not just the activities Crosby wants the scouts to remember, but the impact the organization has on their lives.

Crosby said, “Kids are going to learn something positive or negative it depends who they learn it from, I choose the part that will help them learn something positive.”

He has helped 28 young men from Troop 29 earn the rank of an Eagle Scout. He hopes his leadership can change the lives of the local youth.

“Hopefully they will reciprocate and do the same thing." said Crosby.



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