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Southern Miss offensive coordinator uses advice from Brett Favre on how to limit turnovers

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Southern Miss opens up its 2017 season against the Kentucky Wildcats this Saturday.

Last year, the team had success going to the New Orleans Bowl and beating Louisiana Lafayette. But, there were some costly turnovers that may have caused the team more wins last year.

Offensive coordinator, Shannon Dawson wants less turnovers this year.

"A lot of turnovers that we had last year, just going back and looking through them were just easily avoidable turnovers. And, so, I just think if we do a better job as coaches to just really fine-tune that decision-making to where okay we're trying to go here. If there's a human being standing there, then don't go there. I actually got that from Brett Favre the other day when meeting with him. And that's basically what he said his coaches told him when he first went to the league. He said 'look, we want the ball to go here. If there's a human being with a different colored jersey sitting there, then don't throw it there,'" said Dawson.

Coach Dawson has not yet decided who the starting quarterback will be in Saturday's game. A decision will be made either Friday or Saturday.

Golden Eagle fans may see two quarterbacks play against Kentucky this weekend.



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