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LPD saves lives within 3 weeks of acquiring Narcan antidote

LAUREL, Miss. - One Hattiesburg man works to save other families the pain he once felt.

Owner of Moore's Bicycle Shop, James Moore, teamed up with Mayor Magee in hopes of getting a life saving drug in the Laurel area.

“When he came by, he shared with me that his son had died from an overdose, and that there was this new product out called Narcan," said Mayor of Laurel, Johnny Magee.

"...and that you can work with the Mississippi Department of Narcotics and that you can acquire this Narcan if your departments would use it." said Magee.

Narcan is an antidote for opioid overdose that reverses symptoms, and Mayor Magee shared details about Narcan to the Laurel Police Department.

“Mr. Moore gave us all the information and we were able to have Narcan, somebody came down to show us how to use it. And since August 23 the Laurel Police Department has saved two lives from overdoses,” said Magee.

LPD Captain Tommy Cox said Narcan is a great tool they plan to keep.

"Down at one of the local curb stores, on the boulevard where the gentleman was having a crisis in his vehicle, and we also got called to one of the local hotels, where someone was in crisis. Luckily they were able to deploy that..." said Cox.

Magee said he knows the family members of the two recently overdosed victims are happy LPD used the antidote.

“I credit Mr. Moore with those two lives, because if it had not been for Mr. Moore coming by sharing with me his story, I would have not known about Narcan. These two people very well may not have been living today if the Laurel Police Department didn’t have this anti-dote,” said Magee.

LPD and Mayor Magee said they are thankful for people like James Moore, who continues to find strength in helping others and making a difference for those like his son Jeff Moore.



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