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Hattiesburg Country Club SOLD

Welcome to the country club. A place that used to be filled with members, turned into a place with empty seats.

That's why new owner Carter Callaway decided to purchase the Hattiesburg Country Club. In hopes of bringing the country club, back to the good ol' days.

"I've been a member for about twelve years, and when I first joined there were about six hundred members," new owner, Carter Callaway said.

So what happen?

"Each year since I've been a member, the membership has slowly dwindled, and with a bad economy in 08-09. It took a big hit [the country club] as well as all the golf courses across the country did at that time." Callaway explained.

Eight years later, Callaway and his new business partner developed an idea to save this beautiful green land.

"The first person on my list was Paul Maholm [former pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates]," Callaway said. "Paul and I have been friends over the past three years since he retired from playing baseball. He was the first person I went to and talked to."

"Carter came to me a couple months ago," Maholm said. "I thought it was a good opportunity for something great."

Now the former Major League Baseball player and his business partner Carter Callaway are taking a swing at their idea.



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