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Chevrolet Grand Opening On Saturday

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - On Saturday, the parking lot of Pine Belt Chevrolet will be jammed pack. The grand opening of a major car dealership could bring business to this part of Lamar County.

"So, we actually created twenty-four new jobs since we were in Purvis just by moving here," Pine Belt Chevrolet, general manager, Jared Waldrop said.

The new dealership looks forward to becoming a big attraction to potential car buyers.

"We have about two-hundred-fifty vehicles on the ground," Waldrop said. "So, that means a better selection for customers and a better chance of us having what people are looking for."

Pine Belt Chevrolet plans to crush their competition, literally.

"This weekend is a big weekend for us," Waldrop said. "We are having our grand opening event. We have the Bigfoot Monster Truck here. He is famous for being a Ford Monster Truck, but today he is sporting a Chevrolet body. So, we are really excited to have him here. It's going to be a lot of fun."

"Well we're here for the grand opening, and we're pretty excited to be here," Bigfoot Monster Truck driver, Rodney Tweedy said. "I've traveled all over the United States, all over Canada... we put about eight thousand miles on the old girl this past month."

Chevy's Bigfoot truck is one of the main attractions for tomorrow's grand opening. "I was so blown away, when I pulled into town last night and seen the electric billboard in town. Then walked in the hotel turned on the TV and there is a commercial of us going to be here," Tweedy said. "That's going make me want to do a little extra for the fans. Knowing that they are supporting us so big." "So, we really just encourage families and kids to come out and see this it's going to be a lot of fun," Waldrop said.



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