People across the Pinebelt honor Veterans

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Temple Baptist Church members and Petal High School Students held a honorary breakfast to celebrate local Veterans Thursday.

The Temple Baptist Church held their annual breakfast in a gymnasium along with a guest speaker. The speaker inspired, Lt. Colonel of the Mississippi Army National Guard, Gary Christ to further understand service is for everyone. “Not just people in uniform, everyone can serve in some way in any way, shape or form. You know as a nation that service can tie us together there,” said Christ.

While veterans enjoyed breakfast at Temple Baptist Church, other veterans were honored at Petal High School with breakfast and gifts. “The fact of how Patriotic the School District is as a whole is very impressive year to year. You don’t see where you can get 1,500 kids to sit quietly and show solemn respect,” said Petal Assistant Army Instructor, Sgt. Major Dan Dubose.

He shared that each year the students honor veterans in three categories; the youngest deployed, oldest deployed and active status servicemen.

Christ stated "Duty, honor, country," are three words that will serve as a reminder for those who sacrificed their lives for the safety of U.S. civilians.



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