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William Carey Reopens The School of Business Facility

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - William Carey University continues to rebuild. The school opened the doors to its business school this morning. One of the many buildings that received damage from the January tornado. "This kind of began to feel like my home here on campus, and when the storm hit... it kind of was devastating in a way, that our building was in the condition that it was in," William Carey University's business student, Wes Herring said.

Herring described what he saw in the aftermath of January's tornado as complete destruction and turmoil. "When I arrived on campus, I did not expect to see as much damage as I saw," William Carey University's school of business dean, Cheryl Dale said. "As I walked down the street, and we got closer and closer to the building... I became more and more concerned, but the most telling thing was when I got to the door. I could look in the building, and there was water gushing down the stairwell. Things like that, when I saw that... I knew were going to have some concerns." Causing some to question would this building ever hold another class. "Definitely wasn't going to be able to move quickly back into the building... the devastation was severe," Dale said. "We were surprised with how much damage there was to the building." However, nearly ten months later, the school of business is back up and standing tall. Ultimately, giving these students a sense of relief. "Yeah, it feels really good to be back in the real business building," William Carey University business student, Christian Dale said. " It was really sad what happened during the tornado, but it feels good to be back where we are supposed to be."



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