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Cyber Monday Generates Record Breaking Sales

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - Cyber Monday sales hit 6.6 billion dollars, which is a new record in U.S. history. Tuesday morning, a business professor at USM, who had her research featured in numerous publications spoke about why she thinks Cyber Monday has become so popular. "I think they said that from Friday, forty percent of Black Friday sales were made from mobile phones. So, everyone is walking around with a computer fundamentally in their hand, which makes buying online even easier," USM's marketing professor, Leisa Flynn said. "So, it really puts a lot of power in the hand of the consumer. If you think twenty-five years ago before there was any internet power... the power was in the hand of the store, right? Now you have the knowledge of the world sitting in your hands." This year, Cyber Monday smartphone revenue grew 32.2 percent from last year and reached 1.59 billion dollars in sales, which is a new all-time high.



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