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Local Woman Turns 108 Years Old on Valentine's Day

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, but this Valentine’s Day holds a special meaning to one local Pine Belt resident as she turns 108 years old. When asked about what's her secret to living a long life, her reply was simple.

“Just trust in God,” the 108-year-old woman, Lillie Leggett said.

Standing in faith, Lillie Leggett along with the rest of her family gives thanks to God for her 108 years. Lillie's family says they believe that good karma is another reason for their mother's longevity. “I feel like it’s cause of the goodness she's done, trusting in the lord, and treating everyone the way people should be treated,” Lille Leggett’s daughter, Dorothy Sullivan said. During her lifetime, Lillie managed to raise over a dozen children having a special impact in each one their lives. “My mother had 14 children, and survived,” Sullivan said. “Then she raised two of her grand with us, so that was like 17 or 18 children.” Patricia Leggett is one of the grandchildren Lillie had a hand in raising. “By my grandmother being there that was a blessing for me, and I thank god for that,” Patricia Leggett said. “Me and my brother were raised by my grandmother as her own children, and we thank God for that.” The Leggett family mentioned while growing up, they might not have always had much, but Lillie always managed to help make ends meet. “We didn't always have a lot, so we had to have faith… what we didn't have she made mend with something,” Sullivan said. “Like, if we didn't have enough food we prayed, and we would always have something there, and we were always able to share with other people.” Which falls back on Lillie's principles to longevity, faith, and kindness. “That's what made me to make it. Trust in God and try to treat everybody right,” Lillie Leggett said Leggett’s family will celebrate Lillie Leggett's birthday Saturday with family flying to town from all around the country.



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