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City prepares to save historic homes in Hattiesburg

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - The city held a demolition by neglect public hearing Wednesday for a house more than 100 years old.

The house is a state landmark that showcases the culture and history of Hattiesburg. “That house was designated because of its historical importance to the Hattiesburg community. It was built in 1910. Circa 1910 by Doctor J.J. Bethea who was an early and prominent physician here in town,” said Historic Preservation Planner, Russell Archer.

This house is a Mississippi landmark and it sits in a district listed on a National Register of Historic Places.

“The commission and the city in general are

very interested in taking pride in these properties that contribute to these neighborhoods, that’s why we are trying to do what we can in our ability to help preserve those,”

Archer is apart of the Hattiesburg Historic Conservation Commission and he wants to bring attention to the owner and community about conserving historic establishments like the Bethea house.

“We also have the advantage of being able to share any incentives that may be out there in terms of tax credits, tax abatement, grant programs that may be beneficial for them to use to preserve or fix up the property,”

The Hattiesburg Historic Conservation Commission preserves community historic resources with a layer of protection not provided by the National Register listing.



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