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Cigarette Tax Update

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - The cost of cigarettes could possibly go up, as it appears the cigarette tax could be gaining support within the Republican-controlled legislature, which could ultimately raise cigarette prices $1.50 per pack.

Mississippi's State Senator Joey Filligane gives an update on where the tax proposal stands.

“There have been several bills proposed in the Republican-controlled legislature and the Medicaid Chairman Senator [Brice] Wiggins from down in Pascagoula has specifically filed a bill that would call for a dollar and fifty cents per pack increase in the tobacco tax,” Filligane said. “I don’t really feel like there is an overwhelming support that in the state at this time.”

Filligane also made a made a reference to the infrastructure proposal.

“We certainly did not include that as part of our infrastructure proposal,” Filligane said. “Those co-sections are still alive so you never know until the legislature is completely out of town, around probably April first of this year. I don’t see that being a big push between now and the end of the session.”

The Mississippi Chapter of the American Heart Association along with many other Mississippi health groups are supporting the tax increase on cigarettes.



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