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United Blood Services in need of more donors

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Blood cannot be manufactured or harvested. According to United Blood Services Donor Recruitment Supervisor, Katie Martin, every two seconds - one out of seven people entering the hospital will need blood.

“We have 38 percent of our population that is eligible to donate blood, but less than 10 percent are regular donors that sustain our blood supply,” said Martin.

She explained the Pinebelt area is in need 125 blood donors just to meet patient needs, "Unfortunately we don’t meet that often time. We are luckily part of a larger center, so we bring blood in from other places to take care of our patients right here at home,”

UBS officials describe to donors, they are lifelines for each other in times of need. “You never know when it can be you or your loved one that’s needing that blood. When you donate blood with United Blood Services in this area and throughout the Pinebelt, you know that it's coming right back to your community, your friends and family. You never know when tragedy could strike,” she explained during the interview.

Nevertheless, United Blood Services officials say it is easy to get involved.

“We got great convenient tools online to answer questions before you even get to the blood drive. You can even schedule your appointment. We’re coming out into our communities more, we have a draw center that is open 6 days a week. We’re trying to make it convenient. If it’s not convenient for you, I encourage you to have your church, your civic organization, your child’s school – ask how you can impact community blood needs by sponsoring a blood drive in your area,”



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