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Forrest County Safe Rooms Update

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - Earlier this year, FEMA agreed on a $12 million grant that will keep students in the Pine Belt safe, by building 12 safe rooms. The safe rooms will serve as a safe place for students and facility to go to during a time of an emergency. The rooms are capable of withstanding winds up to 250 miles per hours. Forrest County's Planning Director, Corey Proctor provided an update explaining where the rooms will be located and gave a timetable school should get them. “The safe rooms were a grant that we obtained through FEMA, and it will help safeguard all the schools... all the Petal Schools, the Forrest County schools, which include Earl Travillion, North Forrest, South Forrest Elementary, Forrest County Agriculture High School, and South Forrest Elementary,” Proctor said. “Well, it will be for the school and faculty, and after the bid, it should take up to six months to construct. So, hopefully, we'll have one by January. I’m just thankful FEMA gave us the grant to help safe guard our schools.” The first bid opening for these safe rooms took place Thursday at Dixie Attendance Center, and the dates for other schools will be announced later.



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