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West Jones High School and Calhoun Volunteer Fire/Rescue

This press release comes from the Jones County Sheriff's Department

JONES COUNTY, MISS. --April 2, 2018— Parents, family members and friends of students at West Jones Middle School and West Jones High School should not be concerned when you see, hear or hear about emergency vehicles responding to the football stadium tomorrow (Tuesday, April 3rd) at approximately 8:45 AM. In light of current events at schools around the country and heightened anxieties, we want to make sure everyone is aware that there will be a simulated vehicle crash involving a DUI driver with responders responding to and working the scene just like they would a real crash which involves responding with emergency lights and sirens.

Please SHARE with family and friends that this is a mock crash for the West Jones High School Prom Promise - Mock Crash program that will involve multiple emergency services agencies. Please do not be alarmed and know that this Prom Promise program has the great potential to save lives and change outcomes. West Jones High School juniors and seniors, parents, teachers and staff will be the audience and will experience this life-changing program.



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