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PRCC opens new food pantry, 'The Market'

POPLARVILLE, Miss. - Pearl River Community College opened a new food pantry Monday on at the Poplarville campus. The food pantry also known as, The Market, doubles as a clothing center for students, faculty and staff in need.

“This is for students maybe at night don’t have enough food, maybe during the week...find they are a little short of food. This will provide an opportunity for them to receive what they need and carry on with their education,” said PRCC President, Adam Breerwood.

Outside of the food donated by school and local organizations, the Career Closet offers students professional clothing for free, "...we have a men’s and a women’s career closet. That is for students who need interview attire, maybe they forgot they had a speech and they need to get something to wear to that,” said Marketing Assistant and Social Media Coordinator, Carol Williams.

Everything inside the building is free to students, staff and faculty. “Students are allowed to come every two weeks and get five items. Our commuters are allowed to come once a week and get food for three days,” President Breerwood shared he and staff are taking a comprehensive approach to education in effort to give students what they need to succeed. “Along the way we’re going to have to do somethings outside the box. We’re very blessed that we have a faculty and staff that are willing to accept those challenges,”

The Wildcat Career Closet and The Market will be open Monday through Wednesday from 12:30pm to 2pm. If you can’t make those times, you can contact the center and schedule an appointment.



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