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Kindness in Action: Stop Bullying

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - Nearly 60 percent of teenagers say they witness bullying at least once a day while at school, and another 160,000 student miss school each day due to their fear of being bullied. However, one local woman aims to put an end to bullying once and for all. “It’s a pretty common situation in a school setting, but any setting that children are together as a group this is a going to become a problem,” psychiatric nurse practitioner, Patricia Calabrese said. “People think that bullying is part of the growing up experience, and it is absolutely not. Both victims of bullying and bullies themselves go on into adult life to develop depression and suicidal tendencies.” Also, according to the statistics provided by “stop bullying now foundation,” the U.S. Secret Service believes nearly two-thirds of school shootings are linked to some form of bullying. Calabrese offered her explanation of why she thinks kids participate in bullying. “I think that kids reflect the general society and reflect general adult behavior,” Calabrese said. “More and more our society has become a more hateful and somewhat aggressive place.” Mocking adult behaviors and imitating their actions, to end the trend negative trend Calabrese offers a possible solution. “One of the key issues I believe in ending bullying is that the adults need to provide guidance to children,” Calabrese said. Ultimately, providing guidance and treating others as they would want to be treated. Calabrese joined the fight to stop bullying nearly seven years ago.



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