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Wayne County Drug Raid brings in Over 100 Grams of Meth

WAYNE COUNTY, MISS. – A Thursday morning drug raid lands two people behind bars, facing multiple felonies. “This morning, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department and Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics launched two search warrants for two homes here in the town,” Wayne County Sheriff, Jody Ashley said. Two homes, both located in Waynesboro, (Miss.). One home located off of Chapman Road, and a trailer home off of Dogwood Drive. “We want people to know that if you are selling drugs, we are going to come knocking, and we are going to arrest you,” Ashley said. Law enforcement officials knocked the doors off of the Dogwood Drive trailer home around 5:30am, and inside they found 43-year-old Lacey Iva. From Iva's home authorities collected approximately 200 Xanax pills, 6-7 grams of methamphetamine, marijuana, $3,000 cash, and a firearm in possession of a convicted felon. “This is a six-month operation,” Ashley said. “I appreciate the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics assisting us. I reach out to them all the time to come and help us.” Authorities also searched a second home off of Chapman Road. Inside of the home, they found 38-year-old Cortney Thompkins, trying to flush drugs down the toilet. Law enforcement estimates Thompkins tried to flush 160 grams of methamphetamine. “If you take crystal meth and we go back four years ago, 27 murders happened in Wayne County,” Ashley said. “It’s a big thing and not just in the county, but in the United States” The Wayne County Sheriff’s Department and the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics say they will continue partnering together to stop the drugs in Wayne County. Thursday’s case remains an on-going investigation according to Sheriff Ashley, and more arrests could come.

Cortney Terell Hill (38-years-old)

Lacey Levan Iva (43-years-old)



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